Dr. Steve Small

Dr. Steven Small was one of the first practitioners of Quantum Biofeedback in the United States. Over the course of 15 years, he has helped shaped the program you have today through supplying the inventor with many of the items on the matrix, including stem cell signatures, which created the deeper reactivity profiles that placed this technology into a class of it's own. He'll share his "clinical pearls" and pierce through the ambiguity of 2 very complicated wellness profiles with clarity. You'll also watch him in action as he demonstrates his methodology and explains his rationale of session choices in a live demonstration.  Doc Steve's level of expertise can only come from a lifetime of professional excellence. His presentation is not to be missed!

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  Day 2 - Thursday September 28, 2017


Inflammation, Autoimmumity and Degeneration...How to Decode the Matrix to Resolve your most Challenging Cases

by Dr. Steve Small /