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Dr. Deborah Anne Drake

Secret "Geo-Engineering" Projects Threaten Unknown Environmental Dangers

Dr. Deborah Drake was born in Toronto and still lives nearby, in Port Perry, Ontario, Canada.

She cross trained in multiple disciplines including Kinesiology (77-79), Biology & Biochemistry (79-82), Medicine (82-85), Family Medicine (85-87), Emergency Medicine( 88-1993), Integrated Medicine Clinic with Psychotherapy Nutritional Therapist (1993-2005), and now as a Master Quantum Biofeedback examiner and Sports Medicine Consultant (2001-2007).

She has been researching the gut immunity since 1987 as a Medical Researcher & Clinical Instructor with the Canadian College of Family Physicians section of Teachers and Section of Researchers, and continues to study immune research on HIV AIDS, autism, lymphoma, diabetes.

She is an international lecturer on the subject of Immunity & Bioterrain Health, and a consultant to peak performance individuals & companies as Medical Director of the HarmonizeYourHealth Quantum Stress and Sports Medicine Center.

Through her alternative healing website www.harmonizeyourhealth.com, she publishes Self help strategies and stress prevention education resources, lectures, healing holiday events and music therapy, plus links to health educational and career development.

Since 1988, she is president of Cirque Communications Inc., a corporation whose mission is to promote healthy communication through education, testing and industrial consulting to help “Reduce Noise at its Source” & “Prevent Noise Induced Hearing Loss both on & off the job”, working with Hearing Conservationist Karen Vye in industries province wide.

Dr. Drake is a lifelong composer and musician and is currently developing healing quantum music and audiovisual stress, pain and relaxation resources to augment immune system function.

She has also written a workbook and cassette tape called the Fundamentals of Living Well, and an award winning children’s video called “I Ain’t Afraid of My Doctor”.

She is the author and designer of the physiologically correcting “Quadrant Menu Plan” for normalizing Bioterrain, obesity and immune illness through Biologic Terrain Correction.

Dr. Drake became a National Biofeedback Certification Board (NBCB) Diplomate Instructor in Biofeedback in 2005, a Certified Master Quantum Instructor with the Natural Therapies Certification Board (NTCB), a Device trainer for IMUNE (2007), and acts as an instructor and quantum examiner for Eclosion Quantum Biofeedback & training worldwide.

In 2004-6, she filmed for pod casting a 33 city sabbatical tour on teaching quantum biofeedback to stress therapists in New Zealand, S. Africa, Europe, Canada, & USA.

Dr. Drake is Provost & author of CEU credit courses on DVD or available through her p[=an on-line university accreditation course for Quantum Biofeedback training and certification at www.InstituteOfQuantumMedicine.com, where audio and script, glossary and quiz are available.

She acts as a Medical Advisor to Eclosion brokerage www.QuantumRelief.net whose goal is to seed devices into community run prevention programs, supported by her detailed instruction research and resource manuals, through her project called Quantum Research – Prevention of Distress Project at www.QR-POD.com.

In January 2007, Dr. Drake launched a new QBF industry journal called www.AQMIN.com Journal of Quantum Biofeedback for monthly building of acumen and problem solving skills, research and educational advice to quantum stress practitioners.

Deborah Anne Drake Education

Kinesiology University of Waterloo 1979-82

Bachelor of Science University of Alberta 1982

Doctor Of Medicine McMaster University 1985

Family Physician  University of Toronto, Canadian College Of Family Physicians, (CCFP) 1985-Present

Emergency Physician University of Toronto, Canadian College Of Family Physicians CCFP(EM), 1988 - 1993

Fellowship in Family Medicine Fellow of College of Family Physicians Of Canada (FCFP)

Family Medicine Section of Researchers and Teachers Canadian College Of Family Physicians

Certified Biofeedback Specialist (CBT), NBCB 2003 to Present

Certified Quantum Biofeedback Instructor ( CQI), Neurotherapy and Biofeedback Certification Board, Natural Therapies Certification Board, (NTCB)IMUNE Eclosion Device Trainer)


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