Etelka Anebtawi, MD

Fitland S.R.L.

Etelka Anebtawi MD, graduated from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Tirgu Mures - Romania, pediatric specialist, homeopathic specialist (certified by the Bucharest University of Medicine), accredited with IMUNE certificates as a user and trainer for the EDUCTOR / SCIO, a naturopath physician, with great experience in the field of healing exclusively by natural means.

I have had the great privilege to study under the brilliant Professor DESIRE DUBOUNET / WILLIAM NELSON. Her genius, extreme intelligence, creative personality, and her approach towards natural healing marked my career. She proved that the sphere of influence extends beyond the simple pharmacological effects to the pharmacokinetic effects. What we do with EDUCTOR / SCIO devices and treatments, the only devices that use the bioresonance feedback technique ("BioResonance Feedback Technique"), happens at the atomic component level, and the patient approach is holistic with all its structured components: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Experience and achievements:

25 years of experience in teaching and using natural healing ways and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, with lifestyle coaching and behavioral education.

15 years of experience in using the EDUCTOR / SCIO computerized test, (International License Quantum Biofeedback Practitioner, 07 Mar 2010)

We have developed special programs to prevent and combat obesity, to combat addiction (smoking, alcohol, drugs), exclusively natural therapy for allergies, stress management, nutrition program according to the latest nutrition guidelines.

10 years of experience in courses for medical doctors, physicians, health professionals and other professional categories in order to know and use correctly the EDUCTOR / SCIO devices. (IMUNE Educator Certificate of Training Educational Skills 2nd to 5th October 2007)

Founding President of the Association of Users of Biofeedback Devices - Bucharest, whose purpose is promoting education towards a healthy lifestyle via the bioresonance feedback technology, using the EDUCTOR / SCIO systems, life-style coaching and Nutrition therapy.

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by Etelka Anebtawi, MD / Fitland S.R.L.