Jacqueline Jacques


Ten years ago, Jacqueline quit the Corporate World to enter the Quantum World becoming Quantum Biofeedback (SCIO) Practitioner. She trained with Dr Paul Drouin (IQUIM) and participated in various SCIO International Conferences and & Trainings. Her main interest is Stress at Work and Performance Improvement based on Quantum Biofeedback & SCIO technology.

She is actively promoting the SCIO in the French Community. She uses her management consultant skills to train, coach and support new practitioners. Her approach of the 8 Pillars of Health & Well-Being provide a good framework for practitioners in their practice.

Jacqueline has traveled and lived in many parts of the world giving her a broad understanding of life’s challenges. She is passionate about using the SCIO to help bring a major change of consciousness in the world. She believes that SCIO/EDUCTOR/INDIGO practitioners working together have a tremendous power to protect and improve the whole World. She is a freedom-loving independent mind and describes herself as a “World Citizen”, believing in the equality of all people whatever their color, race, color, creed, social and economic status.

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  Day 3 - Friday September 29, 2017


Reconnecting to our true Multidimensional Identity through activating our Genes & DNA

by Jacqueline Jacques / BioQuantique